NewsAugust 10, 2021by admin0Agra unveils Malawi Agribusiness Room

The Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (Agra) has launched the Malawi Agribusiness Deal Room under the African Green Revolution Forum 2021.

The Agribusiness Deal Room is Africa’s matchmaking platform at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) for catalysing investment into African agriculture.

The room supports enterprises and governments through a combination of in-country project preparation, pipeline development, project bankability, investment promotion and discussions regarding the enabling environment for the African agribusiness sector.

Speaking during the launch, Agra Malawi Country Manager Sophie Chitedze said the importance of agriculture to Malawi and Africa could not be overemphasised.

Chitedze said Malawi’s economy would continue to depend on agriculture for the foreseeable future.

Chitedze said, Agra’s work in Malawi has focused on setting the foundations through appropriate but pragmatic policy reforms as well as strengthening systems in seeds, fertiliser and markets and ensuring that farmers have access to improved seeds and fertilisers that will increase their productivity.

She said Agra recognises the need for a robust private sector that will utilise reforms and systems to deliver quality products and services.

“Indeed Malawi is not poor and our agribusiness deal room shows investors that Malawians are no longer poor because they have identified the numerous opportunities that Malawi has for investment,” Chitedze said.

Malawi Agriculture and Investment Corporation (Maicc) Chief Executive Officer Taz Chaponda said time had come for players in the agriculture industry to put their houses in order and take advantage of initiatives aimed at supporting farming.

Chaponda said with local, regional and global development finance institutions supporting the growth of agriculture, the future of farming was bright for the organised farmer.

Agribusiness deal room facilitates substantive transaction-cantered dialogue and connections amongst enterprises, farmers, governments, investors, financial institutions and development partners.

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