December 2, 2021by admin0Does MAIIC compete with the existing banks and financial institutions in Malawi?

No, MAIIC does not compete with the existing financial intermediaries. Instead, it will deliver its products and services in collaboration with them. This flexible operating model aligns well with its role as key “bridge” in building partnerships between the public and private sectors.  In all cases, MAIIC will disburse funding through cooperating banks and financial institutions. Names of these entities will be announced from time to time.  Applicants for funding do not have to leave their banks or financial institutions to get funding from MAIIC unless their banks have clearly indicated unwillingness to fund them alongside MAIIC. In this case, another partner bank or banks will be recommended.

This collaboration with banks and other financial institutions will include MAIIC appointing some of them to be MAIIC regional representatives so that country as a whole is reached. It is planned that there will regional representation in the northern, central, eastern and southern parts of the country.


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